Maiden Tower (Baku) Hidden Secrets and Facts

The Maiden Tower is a 12th-century landmark in the Old City, Baku, Azerbaijan. Alongside the Shirvanshahs’ Palace, dated to the 15th century, it frames a gathering of noteworthy landmarks recorded in 2001 under the UNESCO World Heritage List of Historical Monuments as social property. It is one of Azerbaijan’s most particular public insignias and is hence included on Azeri money notes and authority letterhead.

maiden tower baku azerbaijan

Maiden Tower Guide

It looks dull and perplexing, watching out to the ocean from the southern edge of Baku’s old, walled city, the Icheri Sheher. Maiden Tower Baku tour worth considering. The starting points of the tower are covered in a puzzle nobody knows for certain when it was constructed. Or what it was worked for or even how it procured its name Maiden Tower.

Legend of Maiden Tower Baku

Maiden Tower is covered by a haze of secrets and legends which are attached to the set of experiences and culture of Azerbaijan. Indeed, a few sagas turned into a subject for a situation for ballet performances and theater plays. Maiden Tower is an elite Azerbaijani expressive dance made by Afrasiyab Badalbeyli in 1940. Artful dance’s change was acted in 1999.

A ruler experienced passionate feelings for his lovely girl(daughter) and wished to wed her. Frightened, the princess attempted to defer the pre-marriage ceremony by requesting that her dad construct the greatest pinnacle(tower) she had ever observed. At the point when the pinnacle was finished, the princess went up to respect the view and hurled herself entirely into the rushes of the Caspian, lapping against the pinnacle dividers beneath.

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Construction of Maiden Tower Baku

Baku history specialist Sara Ashurbayli determined that Maiden Tower was more likely constructed in the fourth to sixth hundreds of years AD. Maiden Tower Baku’s history is unclear in many aspects. This was a result of the pinnacle’s uncommon development, the distinction between the stone utilized in the pinnacle. The stone of the archaic city encompassing it, and the different legends about the Maiden Tower.

Another gathering of scientists feels that the Maiden Tower was constructed in the eleventh century. The explanation is the engraving 14 meters high on the south mass of the tower which peruses Qubbeye Masud ibn Davud in old Arabic content. Epigraphist Mashadikhanim Nemat examined the engraving and clarified the word qübbə as qüllə or pinnacle. So Masud ibn Davud would have been the pinnacle’s planner. The planner of the fourteenth century Mardakan Tower, Abdulmajid ibn Masud, is believed to be his relative.

maiden tower evening

History specialist Bretanitskiy blends the two perspectives and states that the pinnacle was inherent in two phases. In the fifth to sixth hundreds of years and the twelfth century. Veliyev joins the historical backdrop of the pinnacle with Zoroastrianism and discharges love. While Azerbaijani artist Samad Vurgun wrote in his 1960s Epos of Baku that the pinnacle was fabricated 800 years prior.

Myths Related to Maiden Tower Baku Azerbaijan

There are different mysteries and legends identified with Baku Maiden Tower. Notwithstanding, the very first mystery is: the Tower’s plan and reason. Then, there are up to 20 legends identified with Baku Maiden Tower. An enormous number of them are associated with the Islamic and Medieval times of Baku’s set of experiences. In any case, others are established profoundly in Azerbaijan’s Zoroastrian or pre-Islamic history, religion, and culture. Presumably, the most renowned legend is that of the red hot haired virgin young lady who spared Baku’s kin from subjugation. The epic shows roots to Azerbaijan’s Zoroastrian accepts and culture and has reached down to current occasions.

Maiden Tower Baku Temple

Once upon a time, there was an antiquated town-stronghold of Baku. The post had a Fire Temple-Tower. In exceptionally old occasions, an adversary encompassed the post. The adversary requested Baku’s kin to give up yet they won’t. So the adversary dispatched an attack to annihilate the post and catch all occupants as slaves. Numerous post safeguards kicked the bucket attempting to stop adversary assaults. Then, the foe’s administrator requested the water gracefully lines to be cut. So everyone was parched inside the stronghold. No water no food, just blood, and passing. What’s more, the Supreme Magi, along with different ministers, implored the Holy Fire in the post’s Fire Temple-Tower, requesting the God from Ahura Mazda to support the individuals. They supplicated day and late evening asking Ahura Mazda to spare their lives and to push the foe back. At long last, he heard their petitions.

holy fire temple

Holy Fire Temple

On the following day, individuals saw that an enormous bit of the Holy Fire tumbled down from the highest point of the Fire Temple-Tower. A wonderful young lady came out of the fire. She had long fire-shaded hair.

Maiden Tower Event Story

The group went down on their knees and began to implore her. She stated: “Don’t stress. I’ll help and secure you. Give me a blade and a cap. The adversary ought not to see my young lady’s hair, open a fortification’s door”.

In the interim, the foe’s administrator was hanging tight outside for the fortification’s Pahlevan for balanced battle. If the post’s Pahlevan had won the battle, at that point, the adversary’s military would step back. In any case, if the adversary won, they would catch the post and all enduring occupants would be slaves. The fortification’s entryway was opened and the foe’s leader saw that one Pahlevan was coming to battle him. The substantial fight started. In one of God’s honored minutes, the post’s Pahlevan unhorsed the adversary and put a blade direct to his neck.

The adversary’s leader shouted: “You win! Who right? Take your head protector off. I need to see your face, Pahlevan!” He removed the cap and saw that the post’s Pahlevan was a lovely young lady with long fire-shaded hair. He shouted: “Gracious, you are a young lady! You are a courageous and wonderful young lady! If young ladies of Baku are so fearless, I’ll never catch your stronghold! Try not to slaughter me, magnificence!” He went gaga for her excellence and dauntlessness. He requested that she wed him. Obviously, the young lady didn’t murder him. She began to look all starry eyed at him too for his open heart. Accordingly, the adversary didn’t catch Baku, and neighborhood individuals named a tower as the Maiden Tower. Down image is the Maiden Tower inside view.

maiden tower inside

Design and Structure of Maiden Tower, Baku

Maiden Tower has been depicted as the “most magnificent and baffling landmark of Baku, the Gyz Galasy”. Based on the strong stone establishment, exhibits directly on the coastline, a combination of Arabic, Persian and Ottoman impacts. It was built close by a characteristic oil well. It is a tube-shaped eight-story structure that ascents to tallness of 29.5 meters (97 ft) with a base measurement of 16.5 meters (54 ft). The inside space accessible in the pinnacle is supposed to be sufficient to oblige 200 individuals.

Another eminent structure found in Maiden Tower is a water well of 0.7 meters (2.3 ft) breadth. It is 21 meters (69 ft) profound (its profundity is up to the spring) that has been found on the second floor of the pinnacle. It has a passageway, likewise, at the ground level which was found by Archeologist Abbas Islamov during an ongoing investigation of the tower. This well has been deciphered as a water gathering structure and the water is supposed to be spotless and fresh.

Maiden Tower Story in a few lines

This tale (story) is the subject of numerous Azerbaijani sonnets and plays. The artful dance Maiden Tower, actually performed at Baku’s Opera and Ballet Theater, tells a somewhat extraordinary form of the story. The lord got back home from a battle to find that his significant other had borne him a girl and not a child. He requested that his girl be executed yet her caretaker figured out how to escape with her. After seventeen years she was an excellent lady, effectively pledged, when she got the attention of the ruler. He needed to wed her and took her off to the Tower. Her rankled life partner executed the lord and hustled to the Tower to safeguard his darling. Yet, hearing strides on the steps, she imagined that the ruler was coming and in fear cast herself off the highest point of the Tower.

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